Why Spain: 5 Reasons We Are Moving to Spain

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One of the questions I’m asked most often is why Spain? What’s so special about Spain?

I thought I’d address our reasons for moving to Spain in a dedicated blog post.

I firstly need to clarify that my experience and yours will be different. We are not in a position where we need to look for traditional work in Spain, so we aren’t assessing the economy or job hunting.

When we arrive in Spain we will be 2 adults (just) under 40 and two children under 8.

Why Spain is Awesome: 5 Things We Love About Sunny Spain

1. Playgrounds with cafes

At a playground with conveniently located café in Malaga.

There is a playground on almost every corner. And even better than that, there is usually a café or bar right next to the playground so you can enjoy a coffee while your kids play.

Going out to eat or for a coffee is so easy in Spain when your kids can run around where you can see them, while you eat.

If you’re not a parent, this will seem overstated. Come back when you have kids, you’ll understand then.

2. The public transport systems

Public transport in Spain is fast, reliable and affordable.

It’s completely feasible to live without a car in Spain – if you are based in a town or city, which is what we plan to do. If you are in the campo, you’ll need a car.

But city dwellers can enjoy life with buses, metro/trains or cycling as their main mode of transport.

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3. Compact housing

For some, this might not be a positive but we love living in small spaces.

Here in New Zealand, we’re a bit off the wall for choosing to live in a small space, but in Spain, it’s totally normal to raise a family in an apartment.

4. Low cost of living

I’ve mentioned this before (it’s one of the pros in my list) but it bears repeating. Spain is a wonderful place to live simply on a budget.

All the best things in life, sunshine, beaches, red wine, fresh fruit can be enjoyed for very little money.

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5. Travel options

We plan to be based around Malaga, which has a well-connected airport with many low-cost carriers flying there.

Malaga also has the high-speed train service to Madrid, as well as regular trains services all across the country.

Having Europe on our doorstep makes European travel much more accessible for us (especially coming from New Zealand where the closest international flight is 3 hours to Australia for around $500 return – bargain travel is a BIG DEAL for us).

Plus with Morocco so close, you have North Africa on your doorstep.

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