16 Genuine Ways to Make Money Online in Spain

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For many of us, finding a way to make money online in Spain is the difference between having a long holiday or actually establishing a life in Spain.

I’ve long believed that the best way for me to work and earn money for my family is via the internet.

A few years ago, on my last night in Spain, I sat on my local beach (Playa de los Gaviotas in Los Boliches) and made a promise to myself that I would find a way to earn money online so I could work from Spain and move back permanently.

I know I’m not alone in this thinking. Lots of expats and Spaniards alike are searching for ways to make money online so I really hope this list will help.

16 Ways to Make Money Online in Spain!

This list range from simple strategies to boost your income to full online business ideas.

I hope you’ll find something that suits you from the list below.

1. Take paid online surveys

Taking surveys for money is an excellent boost to your online income.

It really is as simple as signing up, and when you get an invitation to participate in a survey, just do it!

These are the top survey sites in Spain that we recommend.

You’ll earn points for each completed survey, and these can be exchanged for vouchers or gift cards and, in some cases, cash via PayPal.

2. Become an online translator

Working as a translator online can be a great way to make some extra cash on the side.

You’ll need fluency in at least two languages, a decent computer and an internet connection. That said, it’s one of the most flexible remote work options around.

3. Become a social media manager/assistant

Working as a social media assistant is a great way to make money online in Spain with Spanish SMEs and startups.

This work usually entails the following tasks: building and managing an organic following on social media platforms, finding clients online or offline, creating graphics for the business and scheduling them to various social media profiles.

4. Scan your groceries

Did you know NielsenIQ Homescan rewards you for scanning the barcodes of your groceries? This is an easy way to earn vouchers, redeem for items and win prizes in Spain.

Users sign up to a scanning panel by completing a short questionnaire.

After registering, they are called to confirm their registration and to be informed of the next steps to receive the scanner at home.

Once they start scanning their purchases, they are rewarded with points that can be redeemed into various gifts and vouchers.

When you earn points on your account, you can redeem them in the form of gift cards, electronics and household items.

Click here to join NielsenIQ Homescan

5. Start a Service business

One of the easiest ways to start making money from home is by offering a service online.

You may be able to use the skills acquired throughout your professional life to build a repertoire of offerings that include making appointments, writing proposals, procurement, travel bookings and personal shopping.

6. Become a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is an excellent way to work from home in Spain. Businesses all over the world need content for websites, memos, press releases and more.

This is actually how I started working online. As a freelancer, I used Upwork to set up my profile and wrote for media outlets in both Australia and the U.S.

I had to be comfortable switching between British and American English but that wasn’t too difficult.

7. Data entry

Online data entry jobs from home are one of the best ways to make money while working from home. Consider using online job sites like Upwork, Freelancer.com, and others in order find a job that suits your skillset.

8. Customer service

Customer service representatives are the most common work-from-home job. If you already have experience, working from home as a CSR is an easy transition for your employer to make.

9. Test websites and provide feedback

Earn money from home in Spain by taking website tests. The payments are $10 for every 20-minute test.

User testers provide valuable feedback to webmasters about the navigation and usability of their websites. Click here to read more about becoming such a website tester.

10. Become a Virtual Assistant

If you have experience as a personal assistant, executive assistant or in general office administration, starting a virtual assistant business from Spain could be your most profitable route.

For the first part of our test run living in Spain for six months, I worked as a virtual assistant. I helped my former manager (in Sydney, Australia) to migrate the company intranet to a new platform.

I was paid $35 per hour for 20 hours a week. Since our living costs in Spain were so low, this was more than enough to support our family.

When that contract ended, I was gutted, but it gave me the idea that I could work online and had valuable skills that companies would pay for.

This is an excellent webinar to learn more about working as a virtual assistant.

11. Proofreading

Proofreading at home is becoming a popular way to make money.

If you have excellent detail-orientation, you can be self-employed as a proofreader from anywhere in the world.

There are many online jobs that hire freelancers for their technical and administrative expertise, so if this field of work interests you check them out here.

12. Become a transcriptionist with REV

Can you type quickly and accurately? Becoming a REV transcriptionist might be a great way for you to earn money from home.

Transcriptionists turn audio files into typed documents using an online tool developed by Rev. You’ll need to listen closely. You can pick jobs that interest you, and payment is made weekly via PayPal.

13. Review music

Love music? Record companies and indie publishers appreciate feedback before going to market with new music.

If you love music, voice your opinion to see new songs before they hit the charts with Slicethepie.

14. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to make a commission when someone purchases a product after visiting your referring website or social media account.

It requires patience and an engaged audience but can be a great source of passive income in the future.

15. Blogging

Blogging is how I started earning income online. For many years it was a hobby, but now it’s my full-time job.

Blogging income comes from many different sources including sponsorships, affiliate marketing, advertising income and course sales. At last count, my blog had 8 different revenue streams which pay me each month!

16. Teach English online

Teaching English online is a fast growing industry and the perfect way to work from Spain ( or wherever you are!). You will earn up to $21USD per 40 minute lesson.

However, working online like this means you need to consider the time difference with your students.

This can be lucrative if you have some teaching experience as well as being a native English speaker with a bachelor’s degree in any field.

As you can see there are lots of ways to starting making money from the internet in Spain. I’ll add to this list as I discover more ways to grow my income online.

Do you make money online? Any tips to share?

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