Think You Should Visit Spain? Here’s 10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Go

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Thinking about visiting Spain? Well, hold your horses because this might just change your mind.

There are some compelling reasons why your dream Spanish holiday could turn into a nightmare.

Reasons Why You Should NEVER Go

Instead of sun-soaked beaches and vibrant cities, you might find yourself grappling with some unexpected surprises.

Dive into our list of 10 reasons why you should never visit Spain and prepare to chuckle, groan, and maybe even reconsider your travel plans.

1) Unpredictable Siesta Schedules

Imagine you’re ready to grab lunch, only to find your favorite restaurant shuttered for siesta.

Yes, this mid-afternoon nap time is a thing in Spain.

The hours vary wildly; sometimes shops close at 1 PM, sometimes at 3 PM. Often, you’re left guessing.

You may find yourself wandering the streets, hangry and lost, during siesta hours. It’s like a game where the rules are always changing.

2) Inescapable Flamenco classes

Reasons Why You Should NEVER Go_Inescapable Flamenco classes

When you think of Spain, you might picture colorful dresses and dramatic foot stomping.

What you don’t know is that once you set foot there, Flamenco classes seem to pop up everywhere.

From town squares to quiet cafes, there’s always someone ready to teach you a few steps.

Even if you have two left feet, you’re not safe. Locals are eager to show you the ropes, and “No, thank you” is apparently not a valid excuse.

Before you know it, you’re clapping your hands and tapping your feet, even if you look like a confused penguin.

Your peaceful vacation quickly turns into a dance boot camp.

With guitars strumming and castanets clicking, Flamenco becomes a relentless soundtrack to your Spanish adventure.

So if dancing isn’t your thing, prepare for some awkward moments when the rhythm finally catches up to you.

3) Overwhelming love for ham

In Spain, ham isn’t just food; it’s a way of life. You think you’re just there for the sights, but suddenly, ham is everywhere.

There’s Jamón Ibérico, Jamón Serrano, and who knows what else.

Every corner shop, every restaurant, even the airport has it. You can’t avoid the stuff.

And don’t even think about being a vegetarian or vegan in Spain. You might get odd looks when you say you don’t want any ham. It’s practically a sacrilegious request.

What’s worse? They hang ham legs in restaurants for months, like some meaty decor. It’s like walking into a pork-filled art gallery.

No matter where you go in Spain, ham finds you. You’ve been warned!

4) Constant beach-perfect weather

Constant beach-perfect weather

You might think Spain’s gorgeous weather is a blessing, but no!

Imagine never having an excuse to stay indoors and binge-watch your favorite shows. With the sun always shining, you’ll feel guilty for staying inside.

Your wardrobe will suffer too. Always having to dress in stylish, summery outfits can be exhausting.

Goodbye, cozy sweaters and comfy boots!

If you love unpredictability, Spain’s consistent weather will be your ultimate nightmare.

Say farewell to the excitement of guessing whether you’ll need an umbrella or sunglasses.

Daily sunshine can get boring, right?

5) Too much fiesta, too little sleep

In Spain, it’s almost impossible to dodge a fiesta. When you’re ready to tuck yourself in, the town square erupts with music, dancing, and laughter.

The Spaniards party like it’s a national sport, and you’re just trying to catch some Zs.

You’ll quickly learn that “Siesta” only seems to prepare locals for another round of evening chaos.

And by evening, we mean starting at 10 PM and raging into the wee hours.

Street parties, fireworks, and people chatting loudly on terraces make earplugs look like a necessity rather than a luxury. The concept of a quiet night in can feel quite foreign.

Your dreams of restful nights might be brutally interrupted by the sounds of passionate flamenco or a boisterous parade.

Good luck explaining to your boss why you’re always yawning on those conference calls.

6) Everyone insists on speaking Spanish

Reasons Why You Should NEVER Go

Imagine this: you land in Spain, all set to flex your high school Spanish, but wait!

Suddenly, everyone is speaking Spanish all the time. How could they?

You ask for directions, and the response rattles out in rapid-fire Spanish. Your well-rehearsed “Dónde está el baño?” just doesn’t cut it.

If you try ordering in English in a restaurant, you will receive blank stares. The menu is full of words that look like they belong on a Scrabble board gone rogue.

So, you finally muster the courage to converse in broken Spanish, only to get corrected every. single. time.

You think you’ll escape to the touristy areas, but guess what? Even there, Spanish reigns supreme. The horror!

And just when you’ve mastered “hola” and “gracias,” a local hits you with a regional dialect, leaving you more confused than ever.

7) Beautiful architecture overload

You think you’re ready to explore different cultures, but Spain might have too much of a good thing.

Everywhere you turn, there’s another jaw-droppingly gorgeous building.

It’s like Gaudí, Velázquez, and Calatrava are in a non-stop competition to outdo each other.

Stroll down a street, and you’ll find your eyes popping out like a cartoon character.

Remember, you’re on vacation—relaxing, not straining your neck, staring at cathedrals and palaces.

The sheer abundance of marvellous structures can be overwhelming. You might even feel guilty missing out on one extraordinary site to catch another.

Madrid, Barcelona, Seville—each city bombards you with eye candy. Before you know it, you’re losing track of which masterpiece is which.

La Sagrada Familia and the Alhambra alone could induce architectural burnout.

Instead of enjoying your trip, you’re buried in guidebooks trying to identify each treasure.

Imagine struggling to choose which architectural wonder to prioritize. It’s like picking a favorite child—impossible and likely to end in tears.

So, be warned: if you’re not ready for consistently stunning visuals, Spain’s architectural marvels might be too much for you!

8) The tapas will ruin other snacks for you

Tapas serve in Spain

You think you’ve had snacks.

You might even think you’ve had good snacks.

Enter tapas.

Tiny plates of heaven that make everything else look like it was crafted by someone on a diet.

Imagine, trying to go back to your sorry bag of chips after a night of Spanish delectables.


Your taste buds will stage a revolt.

Micro-revolutions happen on your tongue as you nibble on jamón ibérico, patatas bravas, and croquetas.

Each bite filled with flavor so intense, it should come with a warning label.

Then you go home.

You open your pantry, eyeing your sad bag of pretzels.

Instant disappointment.

You try to summon the same excitement with your hummus.


You see, tapas are not just food; they’re an experience.

It’s like comparing finger painting to the Mona Lisa.

Regular snacks become bland shadows of their former selves.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

9) Impossible to choose the best paella

You might think you’re in for a treat when you land in Spain, ready to dive into its famous paella.

Here’s the twist: there are so many fantastic versions of it that you’ll never figure out which one is the best.

It’s a culinary maze with no way out!

One day, you might be smitten by a seafood paella in Valencia.

The next, you could find yourself wooed by a rich, meaty version in Madrid.

Each city claims theirs is the ultimate, and trying them all is a delicious, yet daunting endeavor.

To make it even more complicated, every chef has their secret recipe. Some add snails, while others throw in rabbit.

Your taste buds will be in constant turmoil trying to decide which one’s king.

Enjoy the journey, but be prepared to never settle on “the one.”

10) Sudden bursts of spontaneous dancing

Sudden bursts of spontaneous dancing flamenco

Imagine this: you’re walking down a picturesque Spanish street, minding your own business.

Suddenly, people start clapping, twirling, and stomping their feet in perfect rhythm.

Welcome to Spain, where it seems there’s an invisible DJ playing in the background at all times.

You might just be trying to have a quiet dinner at a local restaurant. But don’t be surprised if a flamenco dancer appears out of nowhere.

Your peaceful meal can quickly transform into a boisterous, impromptu dance show.

Heading to the beach? Be prepared. Even the waves might seem to move to a beat.

Don’t get too comfortable on that sandy towel; someone could invite you to join a dance circle at any moment.

Think You Should Visit Spain Here’s 10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Go