Life in Spain

Living in Spain: Pros and Cons

Want a completely subjective living in Spain pros and cons list? Haha. Well lucky for you, I wrote one. I look back at our time living in Spain for six months and they are some of the best memories of my life. But that’s not to say we loved every …

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How Much Does It Cost to Live in Spain?

Update: November 2017: Moving to Spain is clearly a popular topic, who knew my post about our cost of living in Spain would be so popular! I’ve added some more details and helpful resources to this article about living cost in Spain. We recently visited our old stomping ground and I …

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Introducing Romy from Madrid

Today we ate our menu del dia (meal of the day) at a typical Spanish bar in Madrid – mini bar stools, CruzCampo and Mahou on tap, old men reading the newspaper and football on the TV’s. Dylan was his usual charming self while the owner clucked over him filling …

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