Why Are There Bars on All the Windows in Spain?

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If you come from a country where bars on the windows aren’t the norm, you’re probably wondering “Why are there bars on all the windows in Spain?”

There are two main reasons for bars on windows or window grills (called rejas ).

Firstly, rejas have a part to play in securing Spanish homes. Most homeowners will tell you they stop opportunist crime like petty thievery. Professional thieves on the other hand, are well versed in how to remove rejas so they don’t completely deter thieves.

That said, many Spanish home insurance companies required homeowners to install rejas in order to to obtain insurance.

The second reason for bars on the windows in Spain is for airflow. Spain gets hot. Having bars on your doors and windows mean you can leave your doors and windows open to cool the house down in the night and early morning.

After some time spent in a Spanish apartment without bars on the windows, I can attest to the appeal of this. Running air conditioning is a large expense that can be reduced with the correct use of rejas.

For many people living in Spain installing bars on your home is a way of life and there is nothing strange about seeing them.

Other useful things to use window bars for:

  • Hang clothing to dry from them
  • Hang plants from them.
  • Hang anything from them, really.

Bars on the window aren’t completely foolproof. If you have the knowledge, it is easy enough thing to get rejas cut off or at least bypassed.

Can you remove bars on the window from the inside?

You wouldn’t be the first to wonder what happens in a fire?

Most rejas (but not all so make sure you check) have a latch that allows them to be opened from the inside in case of emergency.

It’s always a good idea to make an escape plan in event of a fire as soon as you move into a new home. Practice fire drills with your family.

Practice opening windows and doors and yes, this includes rejas. Make sure everyone knows an escape route and has a meeting place in case of evacuation or worse.

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