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How Far Is Morocco From Spain?

Spain and Morocco

Spain has often been considered to be a country with great geographical positioning. As a peninsula, it is mostly surrounded by water and is joined to France by the Pyrenees Mountains. It is on the South Western side of Europe and it controls the divide between the Atlantic ocean and …

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When Is the Best Time to Visit Spain?

Visiting Spain

Spain is one of the most popular countries to visit within Europe, and we would also dare to say, the world. And it’s no surprise! Spain has a lot to offer, with plenty of history, culture, natural beauty, and things to do! Millions of tourists arrive in Spain every year, …

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How Big Is Spain Compared To The US?

Spain and USA

Spain is the fourth largest country in Europe, according to the total dimensions of its area, so it’s not exactly small. And not only that, the area within Spain encompasses a multitude of different microclimates, regions, cultures, ecosystems, and more. There is plenty of variety within Spain, as the country …

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What Is Spain Known For? 27 Things Spain Is Famous For

When someone asks you to name something you think of when you think of Spain, it’s probably bullfighting, sangria, or football. But there’s much more to Spain than this. When it comes to things Spain is famous for, we could write a list as long as our arm. There is …

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32 Essentials for Your Spain Packing List

Image of Cudillero in Spain on a blog post containing a Spain packing list

Inside: This Spain packing list will ensure you are prepared for anything on your Spanish vacation. A trip to Spain offers so many opportunities. The Spanish people are incredibly warm and welcoming, as well as very keen to show off their beautiful country. And why not? This is a European …

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17 Autonomous Regions Of Spain: Explained

If you go to Spain, you will soon come to understand that it is divided up into different regions, which are known as Autonomous Regions. Although they are all a part of Spain in equal measure, there are differences that set them apart, sort of like regional and local culture …

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What Is Madrid Known For?

All cities are famous or known for something, a trait that sets them apart and makes them worth visiting, the catch used to attract tourists. So…what is the city of Madrid known for? Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is located right at the heart of the country, and with …

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What to See in Malaga in One Day: 18 Top Malaga Attractions

Formerly known simply for its airport offering easy access to the resorts of the Costa del Sol, Malaga in Spain has more recently become a destination in its own right. Even better is the news that it’s perfectly possible to get a real taste of this Spanish city – even …

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21 Magnificent Roman Ruins in Spain to Visit in 2022

Inside: The best Roman ruins in Spain for history buffs. Prepared to be amazed. Ancient Rome left behind not just roads, aqueducts and schools, but epic proportions of quality architecture as a testament to the advanced technology of their incredible civilization. The Romans did quite a bit for the countries …

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